Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I talk about playlists I have made a lot, but I realized I haven't shared any of them. So here is a play list I made at the request of a friend of mine. She and I would talk music at work and would share bands whenever possible. She asked me to make a mix of love songs, and so I made one that told the story of a couple meeting, falling in love and eventually getting married.

1. The Diggs - Recovery Forever "You're always on my mind, it's what I mean to say when I say hi."
2. She & Him - I Was Made For You "When I saw you smile I saw a dream come true So I asked you, maybe Baby whatcha gonna do?"
3. Weezer - My Best Friend "You're my best friend and I love you"
4.Bela Fleck & The Flecktones - Let Me Be The One "I could be the one to care for you, a thousand dreams would all come true, if you'd let me be the one."
5.The Damned - Love Song "Just for you here's a love song"
6. Descendents - Nothing With You "I'm not lazy, I'm in love"
7. They Might Be Giants - Yeh Yeh "My baby loves me, she gets me feelin so fine And when she loves me, she lets me know that she's mine And when she kisses, i feel the fire get hot She never misses, she gives it all that she's got"
8. Dexter Freebish - Twilight "She's my private paradise"
9. Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold "call it dumb, call it luck, call it love or whatever you call it but
everywhere i go i keep her picture in my wallet like here"
10. Styx - Lady '95 - I'm not going to lie, the only reason I put this song on the list is because of that scene in Freaks and Geeks when Nick professes his love to Lindsay by singing this song.
11. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows "I may not always love you, but long as there are stars above you you never need to doubt it"
12. Massive Attack - Teardrop "Love love is a verb, love is a giving word"
13. Pixies - La La Love You "All I'm sayin' pretty baby, la la love ya don't mean maybe"
14. Eels - P.S. You Rock My World "I was at a funeral the day I realized I wanted to spend my life with you"
15. The Old 97s - The Question "Baby tonight, I've got a question for you"
16. Jump, Little Children - By The Way They Dance "'Cause everyone knows they're in love by the way they dance"

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