Wednesday, May 9, 2012


So I got an email today I have been waiting on for over a month, but it didn't say what I hoped it would say. I applied to a job in Houston a few months ago, and they thought so much about a resume I sent in, that they were willing to pay for me to come down for an interview. Sadly, however, they didn't hire me. This is the first interview I have had since I graduated and it really got my hopes up. I thought my life was finally getting on track and that I was moving out of this purgatory I have been living in for over a year. This also made me think about rejections. We all go through them, either the small, every day rejections such as not finding what you want at the grocery store, or the big ones like the girl you met over the weekend not calling you back. Anyone who claims to have never been rejected is a dirty liar. I am going somewhere musically with this so bear with me. It seems that a majority of songs are about heartache or rejection of some kind. One that really sticks out to me is Rejected by Rancid. Not only is it a great punk song, but Matt Freeman is a beast on the bass. So here is your daily dose of rejection.

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