Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I took German in high school instead of Spanish or French. Mainly because very few other people took it, but also because I am of German ancestry. Also, since English is a germanic language, I thought it would be easier. One great way for learning a language is to watch movies/television and listen to music in the language. The problem is, there are no German language TV stations in East Texas, and the internet wasn't nearly as widespread as it is today, so finding German movies (apart from Run, Lola, Run and The Princess and the Warrior) was difficult. The same could be said of German music. The only bands I knew about were Rammstein, who I didn't like and a pretty lame band mentioned in my German textbook, Pilos Puntos. Fortunately I have an awesome big sister who found out about a German techno band and got me one of their CDs for Christmas. That band was Kraftwerk, one of the most influential bands in the Krautrock movement in the 70's, as well as a major pioneer in the techno genre. A few weeks ago I was spending quite a lot of time in front of my computer, brushing up on my AutoCAD skills when i rediscovered Kraftwerk's Computer World. It is amazing what a group can do with such a minimalist sound.

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