Monday, March 5, 2012

Has anyone seen my face? I seem to have misplaced it after it got rocked off last night at the Flogging Molly show. All three bands were fantastic. The first opener, Sean and Zander were a great bluesy folk band. Sean, the singer,
looks like the love child between Tom Waits

 and Lyle Lovett.
 The Devil Makes Three were as awesome live as I hoped they would be. My favorite song of their set was Aces and Twos.

Plus they have a cute bass player, ask any of my friends and they will tell you that is one of my weaknesses. Flogging Molly opened with Drunken Lullabies and then proceeded to play several songs off of Speed of Darkness. They even dedicated The Powers Out to a fan who was at the Houston show the night before and drove up to Dallas for the show last night and brought a 12 year old bottle of Jameson for the band, even though he was out of a job. As long as Flogging Molly keeps touring, I will continue to go to their shows whenever possible.

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