Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No song tonight, just some friendly advice for the next time you attend a concert. I don't care if you aren't interested in the opening band, talking during their set is incredibly bad form, not to mention annoying to those of us who are trying to listen to them. I got to see fun. tonight and it was a fantastic show. They are just as good if not better live than they are on their albums. I also got to play a 3 on 3 basketball game with them this afternoon before the show. All three were incredibly nice and I had a great time. They destroyed us the first game by about 50000 points. The second game we switched up the teams and it was much closer. I also got them to sign the game ball. At the concert there was a group of people who had won tickets to the show and were bragging about it and in the back of my head I kept thinking "Yeah, you won tickets, but I got to play basketball with them." The only downside is that now I am sore as hell. I am an active person but I don't usually run around for an hour and a half straight, and then stand in one spot for almost three hours later that night. But it is totally worth it. Instead of a song, here is a comic I love about music.

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