Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I work in retail which means I hear a lot of piped in music. Depending on which manager opens, I either listen to a 70's station or a bad country (not that all country music is bad). The sad thing about the 70's station is it plays predominately disco. Disco is horrible, don't let anybody tell you differently. The great thing about the 70's station is they will occasionally play some great songs like Stevie Wonder. One of my coworkers is a very talented bass player, and when it is slow, we talk music. What I really enjoy about our conversations is how he can point out particular points in songs that he likes, not just "Oh yeah, this song is really great." He loves to go into detail about what grabs him and draws him into a song. These conversations make me listen to music closer than I usually do, and focus on what I particularly like. One song we talked about was "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder. In particular, the bass line. Holy cow it it amazing. It bounces back and forth between simple rhythm back up to harmonizing with the horn section and at some points, carrying the melody. Listening to it makes me seriously want to buy a bass and learn how to play this song.

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